Locksport Tools

Lock pick profiles

With each design revision, I had them laser cut and sent to the best lock pickers in the world. I tweaked the design in regards to the group’s overall feedback. During this process, it came to a point where progress halted, I was stuck and really didn't know where I could improve more... Using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) displacement and stress simulations, I tuned each profile for the most rigid performance possible in order to provide the best feedback and maneuverability inside a keyway. This was a godsend.

Lock pick Handles

The handles are designed after ergonomic surgeon scalpels. I made an injection machine with an absurdly large pneumatic cylinder to inject the resin. I made it... It's scary. It blew apart the vise I used for clamping the mold the first time I tested it. Fiberglass reinforced resin is used, it has a high mechanical strength along with a balance of stiffness and toughness. I design and machine the injection molds, this allows me to be very flexible with changes. I plan to have a variety of handles in the future to better fit different picking styles.


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